Pennsylvania native; a woodsy, earthy kind of gal. Once was lost but now is found. Fancies photography, painting, drawing, vintage clothing, restoring antique furniture, hiking,  cooking, and exploring. Dreams of playing sweet music and living God's will alongside her man.


California born and raised; old school, classy type of man. Sinner saved by grace. Writing, playing music, jazz, beards. tattoos, restoring motorcycles, and traveling the world. Heart's desire is to grow, follow, and serve the Lord alongside his woman.


Hi! My name is Abbygale, & that handsome man in my husband Nathan. I am the lens behind the wedding photography of Blissfully Illuminated, and Nathan is my biggest inspiration and supporter. Together we are man and wife, love and light. We make our home with our daughter in Waterford, Ireland as missionaries serving our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.




Our most fond memories are rendered in our minds with delightful sunlight and unforgettable colors. We aim to give you tangible memories just like these, and our fine art approach to photographing you will capture your happiest days just as you remember them - full of love, light and color. For the bride who has dreamt about her wedding day since she was six years old, to those who have planned their whole wedding in just six months, each wedding deserves the finest attention to detail and the highest quality products that will become family heirlooms. To us, there is nothing more valuable than a truly hand-crafted photograph.




Jesus is the light of our life. God has led us to use the creativity He has given us to document the glory of His creation through photography. We love capturing everything from sweeping landscapes, to colorful tiny insects and everything in between. We especially love capturing the covenant of marriage and showing the world that God's love reigns!

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 (Photography of N+A Provided by Tyler Branch Photo)